Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reflection: It's been one year since

It was one year ago when I started mi trabajo at WWSI Telemundo Philadelphia. And at the same time (to make things interesting) I was going through some pretty major personal...let's just say it was personal. This job was my next step in career and it has been amazing. I've met a lot more people along the way and honestly started understanding the way things work. By that I mean how the Latino community works in Philly and those "key" players you need to know. Granted I treat everyone the same but sometimes knowing the right people gets you to a goal much quicker.

In the past year I've successfully planned and executed three major signature events including a local upfront, La Feria de la Familia and Dia del Nino. People sometimes assume planning an event is easy but when you're the sole representative, it's not. I've expanded on our media partnerships and increased our social media presence dramatically. Working at a Spanish-language television station has its pros and cons but it has definitely gotten me closer to that goal. I did study journalism at Temple University and although my job isn't fully journalism, it sure has some involvement.

Now as the next year rolls through I start another journey at Saint Joseph's University. Getting my master's degree won't be easy but I know it will be worth it. Juggling part-time school and full-time work (among other things) will be exciting right? I thank everyone for their support and those who have given me advice about grad school. In fact, thank you to those who have been there this past year because it hasn't been easy. I've learned some things and grown. Now...just keep moving forward.
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