Monday, April 9, 2012

Sofia Vergara tries to win over SNL fans

So I was excited to hear that Sofia Vergara was going to host Saturday Night Live last weekend. However, she wasn't that great. Vergara who plays a phenomenal charater on ABC's Modern Family was not able to capture that same humor live. Although it was pretty obvious the stereotypical segments were going to happen, they fell at deaf ears.

Al Dia's publisher made these remarks, "The truth is that the rest of us are sick and tired of being portrayed in American TV and movies, over and over again...It is an industry with few Latinos at the top and, consequently, callous to our concern for a more accurate representation of who we truly are." I would like to argue that we don't know whether these skits were Sofia's idea or they were just given to her. We also don't know if Sofia even gave 100% consent to the skits...she could have argued. But remember, the average American will do anything for money.

Do you believe Sofia's skits were justifiable? Remember, this is a comedy show. You can't really take any of these segments seriously, especially when they make fun of EVERYONE regardless of who's hosting. If you think about it, there's a 50/50 split between Latinos and whether or not they liked the segments. Everyone else most likely just found the show hilarious. SNL = comedy program. Not news.
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