Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Hispanic/Latino identity

For the last few months (maybe even year) I've been having a real issue with "self-identifying." I read articles about "Did you know (insert name) is Latino" and others about "Latino first to (insert achievement)." Labels have always been a touchy subject because although some might say they are Colombian, Puerto Rican, Dominican (or other), but those from the respective countries might call you a gringo/a. Why? Because you weren't born in that country.

I recently learned that one of the founder's of is indeed Latina. Gilt Groupe provides instant insider access to today’s top designer labels, at up to 60% off retail. They are the masterminds behind which I'm sure everyone is aware of. If you look at Alexandra Wilkis Wilson bio it doesn't mention anything about her Cuban descent. Does she really need to? I say no. However, some would say if you or anyone else don't embrace your Latinoness, then you're not Latino. Today that's a bunch of bullcrap. The census asked us if we were Hispanic but then asked if we were Black or white. What came out of this questions? A whole bunch of confusion but at the same time, we don't like Hispanic nor Latino.

I usually comment on this topic on my blog and it always raises questions. I'm not really a fan of any labels for anything considering we are all human. All identities would be questioned once extraterrestrial life arrives...just my opinion.
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