Monday, May 21, 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it

A few days ago I visited the Penn Museum to view the Maya 2012: Lords of Time exhibition. At first I thought, here's another artifact exhibit that probably won't teach me anything. I was proven wrong. The museum is one of those attractions most people aren't aware of; you get to learn a lot about history and question certain theories. In this exhibition, the museum confronts the current fascination with the year 2012, comparing predictions of a world-transforming apocalypse with their supposed origins in ancient Maya civilization. It's also interactive (as it should be). I was able to choose my own Mayan name as well as how to write out my birth date in the ancient language.

The exhibit reminded me about certain classes at Temple University and how I learned how to read the Mayan calendar. However, I definitely forgot how to unlock the dates. Luckily the Penn Museum explores the calendar and asks why December 2012 was chosen as the end of the world. The artifacts around the exhibit are fascinating as well as the history lessons you learn. Although I can't prove it, it was interesting to see my heritage in the history of Mayan civilization. The exhibit will be on view now through January 2013; which I find ironic since we're not supposed to be here post December 2012.

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