Monday, May 21, 2012

Opinion: "Don't talk about it, be about it."

The above quote caught my attention for many reasons. BeingLatino has interviewed some of the most popular figures in Latino entertainment and has asked them, "What does it mean to be Latino?" Pitbull's quote regarding where he comes from can mean many things to many people. Even if you didn't know where he's from, it's still inspirational. I was born and raised in Plainfield, NJ a predominately African-American neighborhood where I always knew I wasn't the norm. It didn't bother me at all until I attended college in Widener University (shortly transferring to Temple University). I realized the world is supposed to be diverse and the place where you come from is just a small portion of the world.

I've appreciated where I come from because if I was born anywhere else things would have ended up differently. I have no regrets and no issues with where my parents decided to move from Colombia. However, I do always find it interesting that there are still those people who have not left Plainfield. Some people (thanks to Facebook) live and breathe Plainfield...not really sure why. However you want to take Pitbull's quote, be sure to appreciate your upbringings but also explore the world we live in.
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