Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poetry: En Mi Pais

So I love my parents. They are what give me inspiration throughout the day, at work, life situations and now at graduate school. I'm currently taking a Travel Writing course at St. Joseph's University. One of our assignments in class was to free-write a piece describing our relationship with a parent along with a landscape. I found it difficult at first but then found my inspiration through something my dad does all the time. And what better way to portray it than through poetry. Enjoy.

En Mi Pais

En mi pais you would never have your windows
open. Neither day nor night is safe for anyone.

En mi pais I-95 doesn't exist. Traveling to any
part of the country means holding on to dear life.

En mi pais the buses pack too
many people clenching their bags. Even the cars.

En mi pais climbing up the mountains of el cocuy means the total
opposite of the Appalachians. Be prepared for the extreme.

En mi pais I wouldn't let my niece walk down
any street, alley, highway or across the street.

En mi pais the policia are around every corner
carefully watching all suspects. It could be you.

But dad, when was the last time you were
in your pais?

En mi pais you don't talk back.
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