Friday, May 18, 2012

Reaching the Hispanic market (newbies)

Is it me or is anyone else getting tired of hearing, "We want to reach the Hispanic market." That's a pretty loaded thought. Companies from all over the country are attempting to capitalize on our buying power. There are articles popping up everyday explaining this very thought and showing great examples whether it's through advertising, public relations, web marketing or community events. Sometimes I think it's disgusting because you have these multi-million dollar businesses throwing money around like it's a dirty sock. Yet do they really care about the community? Arguments have been made. Some big businesses have law requiring them to "give back" in some shape or form including scholarships, grants, community service and so on.

Anyways, the Hispanic market is growing. Advertising agencies are deciding how to use their money. Networks are looking to reach younger Hispanic audiences. And no one knows whether to speak English or Spanish. I say we're going to have an interested next couple of years.Below are just two recent examples of how much attention we're getting.
  • Hispanic Executive Magazine - An interview with Joseph Vizcarra and how he recalls noticing a difference in the way that companies marketed their products to different cultures. 
  • - Don't Sell to Me! Hispanics Buy Brands that Empower Their Cultural Relevancy 
Do you think Hispanics will transition from minority to majority? Why did we have to wait until 2011-2012 to start paying attention? Ironically some people want undocumented people out yet if that happens, where will advertisers go? Lots of questions I know, just sparking the conversation. 
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