Wednesday, June 6, 2012

AL DIA to publish Latino Philly book

Writing a book can take years. It's actually one of my goals right now; not too sure what it's going to be about but I want to. It's also great to see organizations and even individuals attempt to track our own history. I recently became aware that David Cruz and Al Dia are doing just that...recapping Philadelphia's Latino history. According to the story in, "The '200 Years of Latino History of Philadelphia,' which will be unveiled at our 20th anniversary gala in the fall, is our own modest attempt, this time in 'coffee table' book format, to articulate the mostly misunderstood story of our local community here in Latino Philadelphia." And what a misunderstood story it will be.

I have lived in Philadelphia for approximately nine years now and although I can't quite say a lot, it's been interesting. Al Dia has been one of the leading Latino papers here in Philadelphia and has been published for the past 20 years. And yes this 200 Years of Latino History of Philadelphia might be a coffee table book, but it will still be very interesting to read. Philadelphia's Latino history is strong and I hope they get capture the best (and the worst).
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