Monday, June 4, 2012

EAST WILLYB hitting the web soon

Imagine a Latino-based hipster invasion gentrification comedy. Can't think of what it is? Well you get EAST WILLYB, an original, mult-iplatform Latino web series. The web series intends to be a mainstay in its viewers’ daily schedule. Providing multiple episodes a week, and delivered via a dedicated website with interactive content, EAST WILLYB is the web series that you can count on to be there. In a nutshell, a group of aspiring Latinos couldn't stand to see how Latinos were portrayed on TV, so they made these web series. And of course, there was no support from the "suits" so they produced it on their own. The series is centered around Willy Jr.’s Sports Bar where gentrification hits. Willy Jr. and his best friend and bartender, Ceci Rivera, hit the streets and everyone in between in order to keep the bar alive...and away from hipsters.

Although they have already reached their fundraising goal via Twitter, it doesn't mean you still can't help support. What’s the release date? The release dates are TBD but you can possibly expect to see the first episode September 2012, but that all depends on what happens next. Remember, any little help will support this wonderful independent web series.

To watch the first 6 pilot episodes, visit

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