Thursday, June 7, 2012

NY Daily News prints wrong Puerto Rican flag

How do you piss off thousands and even millions of Puerto Ricans? print the wrong flag on an ad for the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC. I found the above photo on Facebook but it's clear that the New York Daily News has printed the wrong flag in one of their ads. Media companies are supposed to be a factual service for consumers yet when something like this slips the cracks, be prepared for an outrage. I work in marketing and communications so I know there are a good number of people looking at stuff before the final approval. Of course this wouldn't happen if a Latino was working at the NY Daily News (in the advertising/sales department). Now everyone's favorite NY Giant Victor Cruz is plastered on an ad waving the Cuban flag. Maybe the NY Daily News thought, "We'll use this version." Maybe not.

Do you think Victor Cruz should still "salsa" his way on the parade? Expecting an apology?

Update: The guys at LatinoRebels have posted the apology via the NY Daily News.
  •  "As the presenting media sponsor, the Daily News apologizes to the Puerto Rican, Cuban and other Latino communities as well as parade sponsors who were offended by our honest mistake. It will be rectified in tomorrow's paper."
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