Wednesday, June 13, 2012

UNO Branding wins the NMAL contest

We have a winner! A few days ago the National Museum of the American Latino (NMAL) had six finalists for their campaign contest. Luis Fitch, founder of UNO Branding (@UNOBranding), was the winner with "Many nations. Many cultures. Many colors". Fitch stated “At UNO Branding, we are very excited that our campaign poster design won. For us it is a great honor to help the Friends of the American Latino Museum continue to create awareness and support but mainly to accomplish the goal of one day having a museum to represent all Latinos in the U.S.”

The winning poster (pictured right) embodies everything I would want not only in a campaign...but a museum launch. It also doesn't highlight just one particular country (i.e. Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, etc.). It's very important to be non-biased;  especially since we like to argue at times to see who's best. Can't wait to see the campaign and the actual museum opening.

Posters will be available throughout all of the museum's activities for the remainder of the year including their participation at the major Latino conferences and their national fundraising and awareness events. Posters will be also available at and to attendees of the NCLR Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
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