Monday, July 2, 2012

NBC launches

For the past few months the folks at have been cultivated hundreds and thousands of relevant content to the "new-age" Latino. According to an article on, "The site, which will feature English-language news and Latino perspectives and opinion pieces, officially two months after ABC and Univision announced plans to start a new English news channel with an accompanying website. The NBC site began as a Tumblr page in late 2011."

With 10 awesome contributors and one editor, the team has pushed themselves all over the social mediasphere. A clear continuing trend that the media landscape is quickly changing. The addition of English-language outlets focusing on the Latino consumer has increased dramatically within the last two years. Both Fox News and the Huffington Post have their own strategy but NBCLatino has the power of NBC News and Telemundo behind them. Will other media companies change their strategy? But what happens when being Latino is the norm and a new minority is born?
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