Monday, August 20, 2012

That's right...we attend college!

If someone ever asks, "Do Hispanics even attend college," your answer should be a giant, "WEPA! Of course we do." According to a Pew study, for the first time, Hispanic students are the largest minority group on college campuses across the country -- making up 16.5 percent of American college students. Education is so important right now especially during the Arizona controversy. And although the graduation rate is not at the same level as our "other" counterparts, the enrollment is getting there. In 2010, 112,000 Hispanics received an associate degree and 140,000 Hispanics were awarded a bachelor’s degree—both new highs.

So what's keeping us from getting those numbers up even higher? There are numerous factors including retention from the school itself and financial aid. It's so important we tell high school students that (although it's expensive) it is possible. There are numerous loans, grants and scholarships that can get us through 4-years of college. The next step? Graduate school. I'm sure the number of Hispanics enrolled in graduate school are super low, but as we gain in numbers, that will also go up.
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