Thursday, October 18, 2012

Disney announces their Latina princess

Now I'm not one to add people to "boxes" but sometimes I have to ask myself and others, "What exactly does a Latino(a) look like?" In fact, what defines us as people living in the United States. Remember, a Colombian in Colombia will never call them-self a Latino. An Argentine living in Argentina will never call them-self a Latino and so on. Some people may say our language, food, music is what makes us Latino. Just because some don't speak Spanish does not define who we are. But now, Disney has decided to announce their first Latina princess and some people aren't liking it.

“She is Latina,” Entertainment Weekly reported executive producer Jamie Mitchell as saying. “It’s sort of a matter-of-fact situation rather than an overt thing.” In a story, "Disney had announced the movie and subsequent of 2013 TV series back in December 2011, and made no mention of the characters’ ethnic backgrounds." I hear both arguments.There's the, "The complexion of a person does not make you Latino(a)." However, Disney could have probably given her a little more spunk to give the viewers the illusion that she is indeed Latina. If children are watching this, they will have LOTS of questions about identity. And we don't need that.

I wonder if a little change in complexion would make things different. Or how about an accent? Maybe some lines in Spanish? What would you change? Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess airs Sunday, November 18 at 7 p.m. on the Disney Channel. 
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