Monday, October 15, 2012

Opinion: Looking back at my Latino leadership training

Leadership. We define leaders in our own way. Some people think it's a CEO from a local organization while others will say it's the intern that has taken an active role in the business. Or maybe it's your aunt who hasn't worked in 10 years but has volunteered her time to various community efforts. Regardless, we all have the potential to become great leaders.

I was recently interviewed for a documentary capturing the Philadelphia Prevention Partnership's Latino Leadership Institute. Gilberto Gonzalez, local Philadelphia artist and author, was commissioned to help produce this very important documentary. During the interview, I had to go back to 2008 and remember my class...Unidos Sin Fronteras. Although every class has their similarities, the students in the class is what makes it worth while. The relationships I have made and the advice I was given throughout the leadership program were important to me. It's what gets me motivated to help in any shape or form.

There are so many things going on in our community that we are unaware of. And unfortunately, it takes a video and an incident for "us" to get involved. It's unfortunate the incident after the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade occurred but if it wasn't for the video that was posted, no one would have known. We must choose our topics wisely...getting involved with everything will only hurt us.

Educate yourself and find out what motivates you, educate yourself to have a better perspective on life. Latinos in the United States have the tendency to take things personally. We have to educate ourselves and learn never, ever to mix business with holds us back way too much. Remember to never hold grudges either, it's important to keep a professional relationship with anyone we ever meet. Unless you go out for drinks every now and then :).
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