Monday, October 1, 2012

Video: Puerto Rican celebration goes wrong

Last Sunday, September 30 Philadelphia was home to the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. While most people wave their flag in ignorance there are those who know the contributions of Puerto Ricans in Philadelphia. As Dr. Victor Vasquez-Hernandez put it, "So, beyond the Puerto Rican Day Parade, folks should also remember the many generations of Puerto Ricans who have lived, worked, entertained, governed and taught in Philadelphia." It's great to celebrate your culture, but it's better to know your culture.

There are however those incidents which cause shame. In my opinion when there are police officers gathered together, it causes more harm than good. I get nervous when I see them gathered but that's just me. You never know when "you" will be judged as to why you're walking in the area just because of how you are dressed. I just became aware of a video (on which shows a police officer striking a woman in the face. From the video you can see the woman did nothing but remember, there's three sides to the story his, hers and the right one.

Note: The incident happened on 5th and Lehigh and had nothing to do with the annual Puerto Rican Parade. Most residents take to the neighborhood for post-celebrations. 

For more info visit the article.

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