Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Latinos choose Pres. Barack Obama at 71%

As the election has come to a close, people are scrambling to find reasons why to hate our re-elected president, Barack Obama, and other reasons to stop voting. Well remember when Time Magazine wrote the article on how Latinos will decide the next president? Yep...it happened. A new Pew Hispanic Research Poll stated, "Latinos voted for President Barack Obama over Republican Mitt Romney by 71% to 27%, according to an analysis of exit polls by the Pew Hispanic Center, a Project of the Pew Research Center."

You may think that the top issue was immigration, but it wasn't. Our nation's economy was the most important. The study also stated, "the economy was followed by health care, the federal budget deficit and foreign policy." Republicans may not have to change their strategy when reaching out to the ever growing Latino population. As you can see from the image above, Barack Obama has our nation's second largest Latino vote since President Bill Clinton in 1996.

So who did you vote for and why?
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