Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My 2012 voting experience

I must say for the past two months I have seen and heard so many political ads that it drove me insane. I think this year it was far worse than others. Last night while watching the news there were five ads in a row...all attack ads. My feeling is will these last minute ads change your mind? Probably not. Regardless, this morning I woke up like any other day and went to vote. Last night during my random Twitter search, @anniemal tweeted a link to find my polling place. While I already knew where it was from my 2011 experience, I clicked on it to humor myself. Low and behold I had a new polling place with no notice.

So today I did go to the new location and it was the easiest 10 minutes of my life. The volunteer did ask for my ID but all I said was, "My name is Eric Cortes," and she found my name. It was interesting because not once did I actually hand over my ID to prove it was me. Maybe she took my word for it. Polling volunteers are hilarious because they are always yelling at each other. Right after I pushed my buttons someone handed me a I VOTED sticker which felt great. And while most people tweeted and Facebooked photos of long lines, I only had six people in front of me...all older citizens. Regardless of who you vote for, just vote...not because someone told you to, but because you want to make a difference.

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