Monday, November 12, 2012

Rockford IceHogs rock the sombrero for a Hispanic celebration

What happens when a Hispanic Heritage celebration goes wrong? Our friends at shared this controversial story about the American Hockey League's Rockford IceHogs Hispanic Heritage weekend. The idea about having a Hispanic celebration outside of September/October is awesome but not with, "fans wearing the jerseys above, showing Hammy Hog, the team's mascot, adorned with a sombrero and thick mustache. ¡Que racista!" (via Deadspin)

I'll let you be the judge of it all but look at their flyer on the Icehog website. Celebrating Hispanic culture is not about bright colors, sombreros and coronas. Sure the Chicago market is predominately Mexican, but I doubt Mexicans will even want to come to this game. Oh wait? You said Dora the Explorer is coming to this event!? I wonder if Nickelodean knows about her appearance. So what could they have done different? Maybe honor a Latino leader in the community, maybe have a special performance by one of the local groups, maybe something other than what they are doing now. Oh well. See you at Cinco de Mayo.

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