Saturday, December 15, 2012

MTV's newest addition "Washington Heights"

As some networks continue to fail in media diversity, other cable channels are doing their best to portray what America is really like. Launching on January 9, MTV's newest docu-series Washington Heights will follow the lives of nine friends trying to make it in New York City. These friends include men and women looking to find their way into various industries including fashion, baseball, music and so on.

Could this be a smart move on MTV's part? With the Jersey Shore coming to an end, Washington Heights is a bold move. Some may find this a misinterpretation of the actual neighborhood. Then again isn't all reality television a misinterpretation of a group of individuals? My perception of Washington Heights is that it's mostly Latino...specifically Dominican. My only other concern is that not everyone who lives in city neighborhoods wants to be a fashionista, musician, etc. Some people want to do other things in like like social services, journalism, teaching, etc. There's no reason why MTV didn't choose more of these characters (only one wants to become an English professor).

Watch the world premiere Wednesday, January 9 at 10 p.m.
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