Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Latino world has become smaller

So it's been almost months since I even attempted to write something on this blog. As you may know I have moved back to New Jersey near Atlantic City to start a new career path. Almost all my "work" ties within the Latino community have all been disconnected. The only times I get to see anything remotely Latino is on social media. Although I do tend to keep in touch with a lot of people it's not business related. And as we all know if you're not talking business it's of no relevance. Working in a town of about 40,000, it's rare to find people who look like you. The ironic part is that 30% of the population is Latino. Right.

In Philadelphia, the Inquirer stated protesters outside City Hall last Friday said they were outraged that a judge, who acquitted former police Officer Jonathan Josey of assaulting a woman attending the Puerto Rican Day Parade, was married to a police officer. This case keeps getting crazier and crazier. This case brings so much into one punch including police brutality and racial discrimination. It makes it worse that this involves an African-American office and a Puerto Rican woman. This probably won't be solved anytime soon.

I also recently read a story online that stated two Latino Philadelphians may want to run for Mayor in 2015. The article said, "THE FIELD of potential 2015 candidates for mayor now includes two former city solicitors who served Mayor John Street: Ken Trujillo and Nelson Diaz." I honestly don't know what to say. I haven't really worked with either of them but I've heard more positive things from one than the other. I have respect for both but it's interesting what you hear from those who have worked within the Latino community. Key statement: working in the Latino community.

Then there's this story in the March issue of Philadelphia Magazine. No words. I hope to keep this blog updated daily with not just Philadelphia stories, but national as I have been doing before. My opinion will be added a little more as well ;).
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