Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The 2nd Annual Campaign Design contest is back!

Last year's design winner via Uno Branding
Remember last year's American Latino campaign contest? Well it's back for the second time! The Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino are giving their supporters the opportunity to be an important part of the campaign to create a National American Latino Museum in Washington, D.C. After receiving inspiring designs from talented artists nationwide during the inaugural Campaign Design Contest in 2012, the museum is bringing this contest back to give supporters the opportunity to share their artistic vision for this museum.

Last year's design by UNO Branding, a Latino-owned agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, won after more than 6,000 votes. This design by UNO Branding served as the central image for FRIENDS promotional materials, online imaging, and posters. Posters were distributed at major Latino conferences nationwide and to members of Congress.To be honest, I voted for this submission as well because it pretty much summed up our gente in the United States.

For more information on how to enter this year's contest, click here
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