Wednesday, April 24, 2013

T-Mobile offers something better

My friend that used to work at T-Mobile recently told me they were axing plans but I didn't hear anything since. Ironic enough I received an e-mail from someone working with the phone carrier about their new program "Something Better." I actually do carry T-Mobile for my cellular device but also AT&T for my (work) iPad. If it's one thing I always hate, it's the 2-5 year contract they force you to sign.

The video below is the first hint of their new program and, " [is the] perfect metaphor that symbolizes what T-Mobile now has to offer, liberating customers from dreaded two-year contracts, sluggish networks and restrictive plans at high costs." I'm sure we've all read too that Latinos over-index when it comes to social networking on mobile devices. I wonder if this "something better" will work in their advantage.

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