Monday, May 6, 2013

A strange restaurant experience

About a week or so ago I had dinner at an unnamed restaurant in Atlantic City. Let's start out by saying it is NOT located inside any of the casinos; that makes a difference. I was having dinner with a coworker and we both agreed to try pretty much everything in Atlantic City. Half way through the lunch a table with with four people started experiencing some troubles. These aren't restaurant troubles, but a woman started coughing over and over again. I'd like to point out that the group was most likely from the city (can't confirm) and they were also minorities (can't confirm but maybe Puerto Rican).

The cough was getting worse and no one seemed concerned. I don't even think a waitress went to see if she was okay. A few seconds later the woman coughing gets up to go outside but doesn't make it. A little throw-up comes out the mouth. I felt bad for her. Again, instead of restaurant personnel helping the group, you could tell they were annoyed. I was confused why the restaurant employees weren't doing anything. Then one of the waitresses mumbled, "I told her to go to the bathroom," in a clear tone.

After the group paid for their meal, the same waitress went around and apologized for the group. Confused. There's nothing to apologize for. She was sick and you didn't do anything to help her. Again I can't prove any type of prejudice but if the group was (como se dice) not white nor dress how they were, would the situation have changed?  The waitress even gave us free dessert. I didn't complain about that ;). I asked my coworker what her thoughts were and she definitely agreed.

Just had to get this off my chest.
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