Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The National Museum of the American Latino's campaign contest winner

A few weeks ago the National Museum of the American Latino launched their 2nd Annual Campaign Design contest and today we have a winner! Ana Maria Villegas, whose design can be seen above, from Coral Springs, FL will be flying to Washington, D.C. for a special unveiling event. The winning design will be the featured image of FRIENDS' national campaign in 2013. Along with the trip to Washington, D.C. for an unveiling ceremony along with national exposure for their work, Ana will play an important role in the historic campaign to build a National American Latino Museum in our nation's capital.

"In this original pastel painting I portray the innocence and excitement of a Latino child being immersed within a new culture integrating Latino and American richness," said Ana. "The feathers represent the indigenous roots, as I found them in Native American and Aztec headdresses."

The new winner, although different from last year's winner, emphasizes Latinos in the U.S. I believe Ana really captured our soul and the addition of the American flag was probably key in the design.
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