Thursday, September 26, 2013

Little Miss Hispanic Delaware not Latina enough

There comes a time when enough is enough. There have been a few incidents in 2013 alone (that have been reported) about someone not being American or even Latino enough. First we had a Mexican-American boy who sang the National Anthem at an NBA game and people were furious. Right. Then America erupted when Marc Anthony, Puerto Rican, sang God Bless America at the MLB All Star game. And finally just a short week ago Twitter went on a short rampage about Miss America, Nina Davuluri, not being American (and a terrorist). So is America a bit racist? I believe so.

But unfortunately there also comes a time when we (Latinos) discriminate against Latinos. Post Nuestras Raices Delaware Pageant, the crowd was not pleased with the winner: Jakiyah McCoy. Latino Rebels reached out to Maria Perez, president of the organization and she states, "Her parents were asked to bring in documentation. Of all of the documentation brought in there was nothing that confirmed Dominican heritage.” Really? Unfortunately the family wasn't able to provide documentation but since when do we have to force anyone to prove their heritage?

In the end, "McKoy wound up a runner-up for the pageant in spite of her failure to provide proper documentation." The sad part is how Jakiyah McCoy is feeling...she is only 7 years-old. What will she ask her parents? Am I Latina? Am I Black? These identity issues and more and what cause a child to be confused. Sure the pageant rules and regulations state you have to be 25% Latino, but shouldn't you provide this documentation with your application? Doesn't look good for both the pageant or Delaware.

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