Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Buzzfeed launches en español

We live in a world where companies and media outlets are attempting to reach Latino audiences. And Buzzfeed is up next! No details about why but it's sort of self-explanatory. According to a Facebook post by Adrian Carasquillo, Buzzfeed Breaking News Reporter, "BuzzFeed Español is here, which means two things. Reaction badges like this that are perfect BUT ALSO if you prize your work productivity you might not want to head there."

In addition to articles in Spanish and some being translated, gotta love the reaction stickers! If you're an avid Buzzfeed reader you know these come with the brand loyalty. And they look even more amazing en español. The stickers include: JAJAJA, Genial, Dios Mio, Lindo, Fallo and WTF. Love the JAJA and WTF. They just make sense.

Will you be reading en español? In English? Or both?
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