Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hispanics are aggressive drivers according to new State Farm research

Talk about this for a stat: 67% of Hispanic drivers have experienced an act of aggressive driving 6x or more in the past 3 months. The holiday season means many things to many different people, but you would think we would steer away from the "Grinch" mood. I must say my dad used to be one of those aggressive drivers; and it may have been passed to me. According to the online survey conducted by State Farm and KRC Research of 565 drivers over 18 years old, there's definitely room for improvement.

More results:

  • Younger Hispanic drivers (ages 18-49) and Hispanic parents were significantly more likely to report being provoked to feel or engage in aggressive driving during a major winter holiday compared to their respective counterparts. 
  • Over half (52 percent) of Hispanic drivers say men and women are equally as likely to be courteous while driving. The majority of Hispanic drivers (54 percent) cite men as the most likely culprits of aggressive driving, compared to only 1 in 10 that say women are more likely. Surprisingly, Hispanic males are significantly more likely than females to point the finger at men as being the most likely to engage in aggressive driving. 
  • Top situations most likely to make Hispanic drivers drive aggressively were traffic jams (68 percent), running late (59 percent) and road closures or construction (47 percent)

Interesting results indeed. Let's stay safe out there people. Whatever you're driving too can most certainly wait. Para más información y consejos de cómo mantenerlo a usted y a su familia seguros en la carretera en esta temporada de fiestas, visite
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