Thursday, April 3, 2014

Budweiser plugs into "César Chávez" film

I absolutely loved this idea from Budweiser! Sure there are some discussions about what sponsorships should go with which's a fine line. For example, Concilio not too long ago stopped accepting beer sponsorships for their annual Hispanic Fiesta on Penn's Landing. Why? Well for one thing the oldest Latino non-profit provides social, educational, health and cultural services to the Latino population...this of course includes substance abuse. 

But anyway, according to, Budweiser has been supporting the United Farmworkers of America for a few years now. And during one "César Chávezmovie premier they played a Spanish-language spot with a message to go to the lobby and grab a free beer. Those who didn't speak Spanish? Well they were left with nothing; that's until the Budweiser girls came in with buckets. Everyone wins right? 
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