Thursday, October 23, 2014

Horrible news from Univision and Google

In a world of ever changing technology and landscapes, you start to wonder what business moves will be made in the next few years. Here are a few that were mistakes.

Okay so the first news from Google isn't horrible but it's ridiculous if you ask me. Google recently told the world they are launching a new web domain ".soy" that is intended for members of the Hispanic community. Really...(dot) soy.

Side note: I'd like to point out that I'm allergic to soy.

Anyways. I'm a firm believer that we should not have anything separate. By "we" I mean Latinos. By constantly segregating ourselves and not being inclusive, there are no steps moving forward. However, there are exceptions. Ad campaigns geared towards Latino audiences, Latino museums, and even foods (duh) are just some of the things that make Latinos unique. But with Latinos over-indexing online, why do we need a separate website? Sad to say, there already some partners on board with the (dot) soy.

Only time will tell if it's successful. Again this is a huge business move in order to improve profits. Egh.

In more depressing news, on Friday, 109 Univision Puerto Rico employees were unexpectedly laid off. In both cases, pink slips were given to reporters, editors, anchors, producers, and cameramen. All due to a bad economy? Thankfully Mekahlo Medina, President of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, is on the move. Sources say more layoffs are on the way due to economic hardships.

A Facebook Page dedicated to boycotting the station also went viral in a few days

Post by Boicot a Univision.

The official statement from Univision Corporate states the following:

SAN JUAN, PR– OCTOBER 17, 2014 – Univision Puerto Rico, a division of Univision Communications Inc., today announced executive leadership and programming changes to Univision Canal 11. Respected Puerto Rico media executive Jaime Bauzá has been promoted to the new position of senior vice president and general manager, overseeing Univision Puerto Rico which includes Univision Canal 11; its second broadcast station in Puerto Rico, Tele Isla Canal 7; the Company’s radio properties WKAQ-580 (WKAQ-AM & WYEL-AM); KQ105 (WUKQ-FM) and (WUKW-FM) and Univision’s digital assets on the island. In addition, the popular roundtable discussion program Rubén & Co. expands to one-hour, Monday to Friday and moves to 5 pm. 
Univision Puerto Rico also announced that Nelson Ruiz, executive producer for Univision Network, will be doing a request of proposals for programming created and produced in Puerto Rico to add to its offerings on Univision Canal 11 in 2015.
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