Friday, October 24, 2014

Shakira to team up with Fisher-Price

As if Shakira can't become even more inspiring, she's now officially teamed up with Fisher-Price.

According to the Associated Press, Shakira and Fisher-Price will release six products that were co-developed by Shakira in November. The singer reached out to the company about the team up and proceeds from sales will go to her Barefoot Foundation. Some of the toys include a bouncer that plays music, alphabet blocks and a musical soccer ball, an ode to her soccer-playing boyfriend Gerard Pique.

Shakira is an expected mother so this comes at just the right time. The partnership will also host a series of web videos for expected mothers.
"I saw how important developmental milestones are and how toys can help babies reach them — including with my own son," Shakira said in a statement. "I wanted to design a line of toys that stimulated development in the crucial early stages of life, the stages in which learning can be achieved through supervised play, fostering the development of psychological, social and motor skills."
On a personal note, I'm an expected uncle. Perfect timing if you ask me. I guess I'll be visiting a store with Fisher-Price products real soon.
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