Monday, December 1, 2014

FuelersTV: Online video content for Honda

Videos. We love them. We share them. We click on them. And that's pretty much what I've been seeing in my Facebook feed for a good month now. Anything longer than 1 minute and I am not interested.

So how do you keep people engaged with video? Do they have to be 30 seconds like a TV ad? Less? Social video like Vine and Instagram have been paving the way for more video content. I'm sure there are plenty of amazing examples but I recently came across one (old but I like them)  that combined a car retailer and tourism. Makes sense.

To help launch the 2014 Honda Coupe, Impre Media partnered with Honda to target Hispanic bicultural millenials. That means those that speak English and Spanish and love tweeting, Instagraming, and all that social media stuff that people sometimes don't understand. What came out of it...FuelersTV: a web show of 10 episodes featuring Hispanic millenials in major US cities fueled (pun intended) by curiosity and originality.

Some of the "fuelers" include Fernanda Romero from Los Angeles, Maria Eugenia Mealla from San Francisco and Daniel Baez from New York City. For the full list of participants and videos visit

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