Saturday, February 21, 2015

Coca Cola creates web sites with emojis

A billboard on the highway has to capture your attention in an instant. The less words the better. Only an image? That could work as well. What if it was just a website? Better emoji?! Well that's exactly what Coca Cola has created.

Coca Cola Puerto Rico recently launched an emoji web address ad campaign. All the URLs include one of the famous emojis we love to send but ending in .ws. Why you ask? "Emojis are not accepted on domains such as .com, .net, and .org...we opted to go with the .ws because the letters could stand for 'We smile'," a representative from DDB Puerto Rico told Adweek. Just like a lot of other brands, most consumers tend to access websites via mobile devices. I don't think you should access the web though while driving. My opinion. Safety first!

Fun. Inviting. Makes you wonder what will happen when you enter the URL in your phone. Home run. Once you type in the address on your phone, it takes you to where you can create your own emoji web address. Not a supply of coca colas but your own URL. Still fun.
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