Wednesday, February 18, 2015

International Star Kate Del Castillo signed my tweet

Just a few weeks ago I came across a promoted Tweet from @KateDelCastillo (internationally acclaimed film & television actor) who has some of us may know starred in Telemundo's hit novela, "La Reina del Sur." I thought to myself, well this is a nifty #SignMyTweet campaign brought to you by Xfinity Latino.

Of course I had to tweet to them congratulating on an awesome campaign. I didn't think to actually receive a signed tweet.
Sure enough today I received the following tweet:
Again I thought to myself, "Woah. This actually happened." I thought Xfinity Latino was going to be selective since I'm assuming thousands of people would want this opportunity. According to the announcement a few weeks ago, "Through this #SignMyTweet event with Kate del Castillo, our first-ever for the Latino community, we’re providing fans an opportunity to get closer than ever to one of the most universally esteemed and beloved Latino actors of her generation,"

And it's true. The campaign not only promotes the new novela "Dueños del Paraíso," but also the cable platforms Xfinity Latino offers. And yes, I'm getting my signed tweet real soon which I will most likely give to my mom since she's a fan.
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